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Islamic cultural center - 01

ISWAA is an Islamic organization which leads several projects in order to make the society to defeat the challenges and become a noble society in future. For this purpose iswaa is constructing a Islamic cultural center. This center includes masjith (prayer hall), lecturing hall, and office. The Islamic cultural center is under construction. Its funding by our noble Islamic brother.

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Islamic cultural centre – 2

Asaalamu Alaikum

Dear Brothers in Islam,

Humble Request for donation to complete Islamic Cultural Centre and Masjith

We wish to inform you that Our organization, Islamic Social Welfare Awakening Association (ISWAA) at Nintavur, Sri Lanka is operating at a half completed building which accommodates an Islamic Educational Centre, Office, Masjid, Islamic library, Computer Lab, Quran Matharasa.. Initially a brother from Qatar came forward to fund the construction in a land provided by ISWAA.. The brother was able to fund us to build only the ground floor of the building. Although, the brother promised to complete the entire building, he was unable to do so as he faced economic down turn in his business. So the building was half complete and needs further funding.
We are now in search of a sponsor/sponsors to complete this center so that a fully pledged Islamic Dawa and Cultural Can be in operation soon insha Allah. To this end, we are in need of above mentioned materials. We therefore shall be much thankful if you/someone you know come forward and help us with this regards..

ISWAA Organization is catering various needs of the society. For the last 10 years we have been serving the society’s cultural, religions, Social and Educational requirememnts. Not having a fully pledged provide center such as the one that in program is a major set back for dawa and cultural activities. Just for your information, the land were purchased by three persons and donated to ISWAA.
Whether it is fully or half, we will be grateful of your helps. And may Allah preserve a palace in jannah.
"Son of Atham, if died 3 matters will give benefit after his death"
01. For parents scarification invokes.
02. During in the world the best knowledge given to others.
03. Permanent charity (like mosque, public roads, well etc). ( Hathees. Evidence – buhary)

The President.
Islamic Dawwah Unit (IDU),
Islamic Social Welfare Awakening Association(ISWAA),
Nintavur, Sri Lanka.
website: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our society account is :
Beneficiary Name: Islamic Social Welfare Awakening Association (ISWAA)
Account No: Current Account – 296-1001-30000-517
Name of bank: Peoples bank – Nintavur branch.
Address: 131C 4/4, 3rd Cross Street, Jinnah Manager Lane, Nintavur, Sri lanka.
Click for Estimate Proposal :
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